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Cohen's Fashion Optical of Harlem

86 West 125th Street
New York, NY 10027
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A New York retail landmark for over eight decades, Cohen's Fashion Optical of Harlem specializes in designer eyeglasses, sunglasses and contacts. Cohen's features a large selection of designer eyewear, including: Prada, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Dior and Ray-Ban.

If you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses, or any kind of eyewear in the Harlem area, Cohen's Fashion Optical features the best in top quality and high fashion glasses.

Today, there are over one hundred Cohen’s Fashion Optical stores in major malls and convenient city locations over seven eastern seaboard states and Puerto Rico. True to our founding philosophy, we continue to offer you and your family the latest designer eyewear, lifestyle and hi-tech lenses, contact lenses, fashion accessories and eye exams. Cohen's of Harlem is no exception to this. With the best in designer eyewear, along with great deals and prices, our selection is sure to impress and fit any budget.

As the optical market continues to grow, we strive to service the Harlem marketplace with innovative products and ideas. With a strong belief that eyewear is the first noticed, most important accessory in a person’s wardrobe, Cohen’s Fashion Optical of Harlem offers eyewear for the way you live, work and play.

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