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Serving the greater Cincinnati, OH area, Detect-All Security is a home security, access control, and fire alarm installation company that’s dedicated to keeping residents and employees safe and sound in their homes or businesses. Specializing in all forms of home security systems and home monitoring and regulating applications, as well as medical alert and fire detection technologies, the professionals here take pride in their knowledge of the latest innovations in the field, overall professionalism, and commitment to their clients.

No matter what kind of security, access control or safety application you need, the folks at Detect-All Security can deliver. These are the experts to turn to when you need:

  • Home security camera installation, maintenance, & monitoring.
  • Security for industrial or business applications.
  • Alarm systems in your home or business.
  • Medical alert devices for seniors or those ailing.
  • Fire alarms.
  • Remote and smartphone enabled access control and temperature regulation.

Detect-All Security is known as a company that is reliable and committed to their clients. Such efforts have allowed Detect-All to be inducted into several professional agencies and associations including the Better Business Bureau, the Ohio Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, as well as the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

Given the nature of this business, it’s trust and integrity that counts; only businesses that are proven to be reliable and committed to their customers survive. This is why everybody that works with Detect-All Security gets nothing but top-notch service from a company that is proud to be part of the Cincinnati community. To learn more about security, fire alarm and medical alert systems with this dedicated local business, visit them online or call (513) 528-7700.   

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