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Radon Systems

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Do you know what the radon level is inside your home? Without proper radon testing, that number may be dangerously high without your knowledge. Radon Systems provides home inspections, radon remediation, and vapor mitigation for buildings throughout Westerville, OH, keeping them safe for those who live and work there.

The EPA recommends that radon levels higher than 4pCi/L be lowered, as this colorless and odorless gas can greatly increase the risk of lung cancer if levels persist above this threshold. Radon Systems will perform accurate radon testing and analysis at your home to determine whether your radon level is high enough to necessitate a radon mitigation system. They’ll install protective equipment in a matter of hours, giving you safer and cleaner air as soon as possible.

With over 40 years of experience in the field, the specialists at this local, family-owned business know how to effectively protect homeowners from harmful chemical vapors and dangerous radon levels. Keep your home or business safe by calling Radon Systems at (614) 891-6526 or visiting them online for a free estimate.