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While living in Alaska can be an adventure, shipping your vehicle here shouldn’t be. For over 60 years, Alaskans have trusted in the state’s largest car shipping provider, Wrightway Auto Carriers . Whether you need to ship a car to Alaska or you’re sending it to the lower 48, Wrightway Auto Carriers’ professional team will ensure that your car reaches its final destination safely, securely and promptly.

With decades of experience, Wrightway Auto Carriers’ expert staff will guide you from start to finish through the entire auto shipping process. From offering a how-to on prepping your car for transport to safely delivering it to one of their three terminals in Anchorage, AK, Fairbanks, AK, or Tacoma, WA, they will care for your vehicles as if it was their own. With a modern fleet of car transporters and professional staff, they are well versed in handling any make or model of car or light truck. Offering six-day and ten-day transit options, their affordable pricing plans can fit within any budget. Permanently relocating to Alaska or moving back south? They offer inexpensive rates to add personal effects to your vehicle shipping plan.

Operating since 1951, they've been delivering to the most remote areas of Alaska longer than many other auto carriers have been in existence. With years of auto shipping experience and an extensive knowledge of Alaskan geography, their courteous customer service staff will provide you and your family with flawless vehicle shipping services. Every auto transport service they provide is fully insured, so place your trust in Wrightway Auto Carriers, and call today at (907) 277-4549.

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