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Magnolia by the Gulf Animal Clinic

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Magnolia by the Gulf Animal Clinic, Veterinarians, Health and Beauty, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Magnolia by the Gulf Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary hospital and pet boarding facility located in Gulf Shores, AL. They consider pets to be part of the family, offering personalized care to every patient and seeking to merge the art of caring with the science of medicine. They are headed by four lead veterinarians, some of whom have nearly two decades of experience.

  • Pet Dental Care: Dental disease is an important issue at Magnolia by the Gulf Animal Clinic. Their comprehensive veterinary services include scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatments, as well as expert advice on caring for your pet's teeth at home.
  • Spaying & Neutering: Help slow overpopulation and protect your pet from disease with these important preventative procedures. Under Magnolia by the Gulf Animal Clinic's loving care, your pet will recover quickly and comfortably.
  • Microchipping: Microchipping is a simple procedure and one of the most effective ways to retrieve lost pets. The chip is discreetly hidden underneath your pet's skin and can be scanned by veterinary hospitals and animal shelters all over the country.
  • Laser Therapy: One of the many cutting-edge technologies available at Magnolia by the Gulf Animal Clinic, FDA-approved Class 4 Laser Therapy helps with circulation, stimulates nerve cells, and promotes faster healing in animals.
  • Pet Boarding: These comfortable facilities include deluxe dog kennels and kitty condos. Canine residents are taken outside at least three times a day for fresh air.

To learn more about veterinary services available at Magnolia by the Gulf Animal Clinic, visit them online, or call them directly in Gulf Shores at (251) 968-7523 to schedule an appointment.

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