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ASC Payroll is a New York based comprehensive payroll administration and tax management service for small businesses. Since 1947 the dedicated customer support staff and hands-on management team at ASC have been serving the needs of their customers with a full array of payroll services. The highly skilled and expertly trained staff ensures that no part of your payroll will ever be outsourced, and you will always reach a person when you call.

The payroll service company has the capacity to handle any size or type of business, but remains grounded in a personalized, one-on-one approach. ASC guarantees bottom line results and cost effectiveness while they are continually overseeing your payroll account, and ensuring that all forms and procedures are in compliance.

With advanced, user-friendly electronic communication systems and single-sheet data forms, clients can enter, transmit, fax, call in, and update employee information in mere seconds. As a payroll service, ASC submits forms and backup documents in a clear and organized manner to the great benefit of employees, operations, productivity, and convenience.

Some of ASC’s payroll services which differ on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis include:

  • Input-Payroll Data Sheet
  • Quick & Easy Input
  • Control of Hours
  • Control of Deductions
  • Control of Expenses for 1099
  • Control of Days

Clients can opt into payroll services or exercise a preference to do their own tax filing. ASC guarantees secure and confidential payroll processing and cash flow management built in with multi data, pre-verification, and accounting controls to keep up with compliances and government regulations.

For simplicity, efficiency, and all-encompassing tax filing and payroll services for every kind of business, call ASC Payroll at (212) 684-0800 for a “Quick Quote.” 

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