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Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse

Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse

1775 Skippack Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422
Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse, Private Schools, Services, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse is an exceptional Montessori school in Blue Bell, PA. Serving the area since 1973, these experienced teachers have provided children aged six weeks to third grade with top-notch learning opportunities in a variety of innovative early childhood development programs. If you're looking for an alternative to childcare in Blue Bell, schedule a visit at Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse to experience the difference of a Montessori education.

Founded on the belief that children are naturally wired to learn, Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse implements the teaching philosophy of the highly praised Dr. Maria Montessori in order to encourage students to develop interests and absorb information at their crucial stage development. In an effort to take advantage of their innate desire to understand, Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse makes learning both attractive and easy for kids of all ages.

Explore the classrooms at Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse and discover multi-sensory, manipulative learning materials in all subjects, including language, art, science, and computers. Discuss your child's education with one of their highly trained instructors and listen as they explain their pedagogy and practice, proving to be genuinely interested in the development of your child. Browse the curriculum and find something for every stage of early childhood development, from a kindergarten program and nursery school to after-school programs and summer camps.

If you want to take a different approach to early childhood education, enroll your child in Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse by calling (610) 275-1775, or visit them online to learn more.

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