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Since 1967, Faro Industries has been at the forefront of the professional plastics industry. From helping Xerox build the prototype for their first color printer to providing 3D printing in a variety of materials, Faro Industries makes thermoform plastic products that suit every need. Based in Rochester, NY, Faro Industries is proud to have local roots and a global reach.

Thermoform plastic can be found anywhere, from retail displays and packaging to automotive trim—even convenient microwavable food trays. Many thermoform products have military, medical, and scientific applications, often protecting sensitive electronic equipment. No matter the purpose, Faro Industries creates products that meet the highest standards for durability and precision.

Faro Industries specializes in cutting-edge 3D printing technology, transforming your CAD files into three-dimensional plastic objects as easily as text is printed on paper. If you can dream it, Faro Industries can print it. Using fused deposit modeling (FDM), Faro Industries provides rapid prototyping and low-volume production services for a range of needs, including injection molding components, jigs and fixtures, replacement parts, and even architectural models. All of these items are made with Faro Industries’ trademark attention to detail.

In addition to being an industry leader in thermoform plastics and 3D printing, Faro Industries offers a number of other services, all backed by decades of skill and experience. These services include CNC machining, ultrasonic and hot air welding, solvent bonding, and painting. When you make Faro Industries your one-stop plastics supplier, you can trust that you’ll receive expertly manufactured products from assembly to finishing.

Whether you need a prototype or packaging, working with Faro Industries means you’re working with Rochester’s most experienced and innovative team. To learn more about the range of products and services Faro Industries offers, visit the company online or call (585) 647-6000 today.

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