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Getting in an auto accident has the potential to change your life. The stress, inconvenience, and costs can pile up quickly. That’s why it’s so important to have someone you trust to get you and your family back on the road again. For each and every auto repair need, trust in Valiante Auto Body in Norwalk, CT.

All of Valiante Auto Body’s certified auto repair is completed on-site and they are experts in servicing all vehicles, domestic or foreign, vintage or late model. From straightening a damaged frame to sourcing hard to find factory parts, their experienced staff knows that each car is unique and always strives to meet the needs specific to your vehicle. After completing your collision repairs, they color match the new parts of your refreshed vehicle in a modern downdraft spray booth with genuine PPG Refinish automotive paint. Even if you haven’t been in a collision, Valiante Auto Body will gladly enhance your older vehicle with auto body restoration or a professional-grade paint job.

Whether you're in need of car dent repair or full auto body restoration, Valiante Auto Body will guide you through the entire repair process from start to finish. By offering a variety of repair options, their skilled technicians will build an estimate that meets your budgetary needs. Their staff will also help you navigate your insurance claim to make sure you're getting exactly what your vehicle needs.

Valiante Auto Body has proudly served the Norwalk, CT, community with courteous, professional service since 1976. Call 203-847-3043 for an estimate today.

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