`Oma`opio Ahupua`a,

Surfing Goat Dairy

Surfing Goat Dairy

3651 Omaopio Rd
Kula, HI 96790
(808) 878-2870
Surfing Goat Dairy, Dairy & Cheese Shops, Restaurants and Food, Kula, Hawaii

Discover the delicious taste of all-natural goat cheese when you make a trip to Surfing Goat Dairy. Located in Kula, HI, this family-owned goat farm has sold award-winning cheeses, truffles, soaps, and more since 1999. You can even take a tour of their property for an inside look at their cheese-making process and personal interaction with their friendly goats.

This family is dedicated to producing food that’s wholesome and ethically sourced. Theirs is the only farm in Hawaii that’s certified humane, a designation signifying that they provide safe, healthy care for their animals. Over the years, their staff has developed their own cheese recipes made with local ingredients like apple bananas and Haden mangoes.

A tour at Surfing Goat Dairy gives you a hands-on experience unlike any other. Their Grand Dairy Tour teaches you how to care for goats and reveals the secrets of their cheese-making process. If you don’t have hours to spend at this goat farm, take the Daily Casual Tour, a 30-minute walkthrough that provides a glimpse at their dairy operations and still lets you pet goats and sample cheeses. On the Evening Chore & Milking Tour, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day workings of the farm and even learn how to milk a goat on your own!

With over 30 types of cheeses, 50 types of chocolate truffles, and 20 types of soap, this goat farm offers plenty of luxurious items for you to take home. Don’t worry if you can’t decide on one cheese; their gift baskets include a delicious variety. When shipping orders to the mainland, this team takes extra care to ensure their products stay fresh for their customers.

Experience the unique world of Surfing Goat Dairy with an immersive tour. Call them today at (808) 878-2870 or visit them online to book your spot.

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