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Fairport Animal Hospital in Fairport, NY, is a veterinarian clinic that serves dogs, cats, small animals, birds, and exotic pets. The animal clinic’s services include surgery, nursing care, dental cleaning, and state-of-the-art diagnostics. The neighborhood hospital is managed by a compassionate and friendly staff that will take excellent care of your most special family member!

Fairport Animal Hospital’s diagnostic technologies include in-house blood, disease, and urine tests. Tools such as digital radiology and ultrasonic imaging are used to examine the inside of your pet’s body. Surgical practices range from neutering and declawing to tumor removal and reconstructive surgery. The animal clinic’s dental care is on par with that of a human dental clinic. Additionally, the clinic offers online surgical patient tracking and HomeAgain microchip pet recovery, so you don't have to worry if your pet gets out of the house or yard.

According to their customers, the staff at Fairport Animal Hospital is exceptionally caring and will treat your special family members as if they are their own. With expertise in domestic pet, exotic animal, and bird care, the veterinarians have advanced knowledge of cardiology, surgery, neurology, dermatology, and psychology. The staff prides itself not only on providing exceptional veterinary care but on educating clients about their pets’ special needs and home care. The clinic’s goals are to provide services at the hospital, and also to encourage owners to care for their pets in the right way at home.

If your pet is ill or needs a routine checkup, go to a local animal clinic where the veterinarians care about your family and will teach you the best ways to care for your pet. Call Fairport Animal Hospital at (585) 388-1070 or visit their website to learn more about their services. You can also visit the hospital on Facebook.

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