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Dr. Derek Lezama, the premier chiropractic doctor of Brooklyn, NY, offers the finest therapeutic center to turn to for back, neck, and joint pain, adjustments, massage therapy, and more. Since 1994, Dr. Derek Lezama has been successfully helping patients find relief from sciatica, nerve damage, and other ailments. When coming to Dr. Derek Lezama for chiropractic therapy, this compassionate and specialized doctor will consult with every patient on all the benefits of this therapy, including boosted immune system, pain relief, and an overall happier life.

Dr. Derek Lezama and his team will gladly offer chiropractic assistance to people who are suffering from a sports injury, auto accident, whiplash, pinched nerve, or any other event that has caused pain. This doctor and the staff at his center treat every patient with respect and kindness, and they provide a relaxing atmosphere for everyone. When going in for a first appointment with Dr. Derek Lezama, patients will be asked a series of questions to help the doctor better understand and treat the pain.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Derek Lezama for a comprehensive overview of all the services offered by this team, call (718) 629-4020 or email Dr. Derek Lezama today. 

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