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Robert A. Schwartz, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Services, Rochester, New York

When you call the Rochester, NY office of Robert A. Schwartz, you immediately experience a weight off your shoulders. Here, no one judges your current circumstances or how you got here. What this legal team cares about most is helping you find the solution that will alleviate your stress and lead you into a brighter future.

For more than 30 years, New York Attorney Robert A. Schwartz has been helping clients who have become burdened with mortgage, credit card, and other debt. He helps individuals get out from under debt through bankruptcy and other legal action, putting a stop to harassing phone calls, wage garnishment, repossession, foreclosure, and other tactics used by creditors. Additionally, he provides a wide variety of real estate services and power of attorney.

Attorney Schwartz practices in the suburb of Henrietta in Rochester. Whether the issue at hand is an unexpected entrance into the management of an estate after the death of a loved one, the execution of a will, or the purchase or sale of a home, your needs have an experienced resource in Attorney Schwartz.

A skilled attorney will have impeccable negotiation skills and also a strong ability to represent your needs in a court of law should that be necessary. These are just two of the many characteristics held by New York Attorney Robert A. Schwartz. If you need legal assistance, call the office at (585) 334-4270 or visit the website.

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When a lender is threatening to repossess your car, truck, or motorcycle, you may feel overwhelmed and helpless, especially when they demand large sums of money that you simply don' more
Estate planning ensures that your assets will be distributed in the way you wish after you're gone.  It also provides a measure of comfort to your loved ones in the wake of more
When you're unable to pay your credit card debt or other unsecured accounts, catching up can seem impossible. Late charges, over the limit fees, and interest multiply the more
Filing for bankruptcy entails a complex legal process that can best be handled by a qualified debt relief lawyer. Attorney Robert A. Schwartz in Rochester, NY, has been providing more
While New York law allows you to represent yourself in almost any legal proceeding, your interests are almost always better served by hiring an experienced attorney, especially when more
The decision to file for bankruptcy should never be taken lightly.  When debt is overwhelming, Bankruptcy is a means to take back control of your financial future. For more 30 more
The decision to file for bankruptcy can be a difficult one. One financial situation added onto another can create a crisis for any individual or family. Seeking the help of a debt more
When overwhelming debts become impossible to repay, bankruptcy can be a step towards financial health. Individuals, married couples, as well as businesses can use bankruptcy to halt more
When you can't pay your debts and are falling further behind because of late fees, filing for bankruptcy gives you a fresh start with regard to your finances. However, the law is more
When you're filing for bankruptcy, having an experienced attorney represent you is necessary insure that all debt subject to discharge is eliminated and to further insure that you more
Dealing with the legal system often involves very high stakes, with consequences that can seriously impact the rest of your life. Having the right legal representative on your side more
When the phone won’t stop ringing because collections agencies are calling, and your mailbox is filling up with more bills than you can count, it’s time to figure out a solution.& more
Most people interact with the legal process only a few times in their lives, which means they often don't know what to do when it's time to hire an attorney. Robert A. Schwartz, more
Many people who are struggling with debts put off filing for bankruptcy, often because they don't understand the benefits or are confused about the legal process. Robert A. Schwartz, more
When you're burdened by unmanageable debt, creditor harassment, threats of wage garnishment, or the possibility of vehicle repossession or foreclosure it can seem overwhelming. more