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For over 75 years, Porto Funeral Homes has been serving the New Haven, CT, community with funerals, burial services, cremation, and all associated arrangements. The staff of this family-run business understands the difficulty and magnitude of letting someone go, and they work to help the bereaved as much as possible during this time. 

With a careful attention to detail that comes from decades of serving East Haven, West Haven, and New Haven, Porto Funeral Homes offer a vast range of services:

  • Ceremonies & Services: They offer more traditional services, which include visitation, formal service at your desired location, and transportation to the gravesite. In addition, they can organize public or private gatherings as befits graveside and memorial services.
  • Personalization: The staff here also helps create personal tributes to cherish the memory of the deceased. To that end, they help families decide on ways to truly capture the individuality of their loved ones by displaying memorabilia, creating memorial folders, and playing their favorite music.
  • Care For The Remains: Extra care and emphasis is placed on all of the logistical details of the process; these funeral professionals will transport the body, receive remains, and perform embalming, sheltering, cremation, or immediate burial.
  • Memorialization: This funeral home can make whatever arrangements are desired in terms of the final resting place; they can oversee burial in a cemetery or facilitate the scattering of ashes. They will also help with memorialization, allowing the bereaved to select from a range of caskets, vaults, urns, or memorial markers.
  • Arrangements: The staff at Porto also can aid with the other arrangements that need to be made, such as filing permits and documents, securing benefits, handling wills and probates, and obtaining the death certificate.

Porto Funeral Homes strives to make the process of letting go of a loved one as dignified as possible, doing whatever they can to be both compassionate and professional. To learn more about their approach to funeral services, visit their website, or call (203) 467-3000.

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