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When you need expert heating and cooling services in High Point, NC, you need Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning. Since 1931, they’ve been locally owned and operated by Herman Hunter Sr. and Herman Hunter Jr. They are the experts in everything involving heating and cooling systems, from quick fixes to complete installation and complex maintenance services. 

The Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning team is made up of fully-trained professionals who take pride in helping their customers reach the best HVAC solutions on budget and on time. Their experienced team enjoys talking through your options with you to make sure that your central heating and cooling systems are energy efficient and top quality. You can rest assured that their team will not only give you an honest assessment of your situation, they’ll make recommendations based on your needs and budget.

Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning only uses top quality, brand name parts. They stock RUUD heat and AC units to make sure you have long-lasting and superior materials. And if anything ever goes wrong with your system, their heating and air conditioning repair services are second to none. Not only can you schedule a service by giving them a call, but they also offer emergency services so that you don’t have to put your life or business on hold.

When it comes to services, they offer it all.

  • Heating: Central heating, furnace, and heating product installation and repair.
  • Cooling: Central air maintenance and installation services.
  • Alternate Heating: Heat pumps, water heaters, and interior heating systems installation and maintenance services.

When you need 24/7 support for your heating and cooling systems at your residential or commercial address, give Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning a call. They’re your one-stop shop and offer a free, no-obligation consolation service. Call them today at (336) 882-3367 or visit them online and on Facebook to learn more.

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