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For over 40 years, construction professionals and homeowners throughout Mayfield and upstate New York have relied on Miller’s Ready Mix Concrete & Block for the highest quality materials and best service in the industry. Whether you're looking for specialty concrete for a custom project or a reliable professional who will help keep your project on schedule, you can depend on these experts to help you maintain a competitive edge.

The inventory available from Miller’s Ready Mix Concrete & Block includes a comprehensive range of products including:

  • Aggregates: Everything from crushed rock to concrete sand and topsoil.
  • Concrete Block: A variety of architectural and standard concrete block.
  • Precast Concrete: Both standard accessories and custom fabrications.
  • Redi-Rock: Distinctive appearances with top-of-the-line manufactured retaining walls.

Miller’s Ready Mix Concrete & Block also offers a level of customer service the competition can't match. They'll deliver any of the products they sell, even on Saturdays, and will gladly create custom fill mixtures based on your specifications. With the variety of vehicles they have available, no job is too big or small for New York's concrete specialists.

For more information, visit Miller’s Ready Mix Concrete & Block online to see their full list of products, or call (518) 661-5601 to discuss your construction project today.

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We are looking to hire Class B Ready Mix Concrete Drivers and a Class B Boom Truck Driver.We will train -- positions open immediately.Contact:  Pam Miller  (518) 661-5601 more
                                Presby Environmental Advanced Enviro-Septic more
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