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Cranberry Country Market

Cranberry Country Market

9941 state hwy 173
Tomah, WI 54660
(608) 374-4944
Cranberry Country Market, Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Food, Tomah, Wisconsin

Cranberry Country Market is the best little grocery store in Tomah, WI. Located right off of Highway 173 just minutes from I-94 and I-90, this family-owned and operated supermarket is known by Wisconsin residents and visitors alike for their fresh local produce, meats, and dairy. If you're looking for an alternative to big-box chain grocery stores, stop by Cranberry Country Market for high-quality products and fast, friendly service.

Not your average grocery store, Cranberry Country Market keeps their shelves stocked year-round with fresh, local food from Wisconsin farmers and food suppliers. Browse their inventory and expect to find fresh vegetables, cured deli meats, and locally made honey, jelly, and even maple syrup. Bought in bulk and repackaged into family-sized portions, Cranberry Country Market makes grocery shopping easy and cheap, without ever sacrificing quality.

No matter whether you need staple goods like eggs and milk or specialty items like dried fruits from overseas, you'll find everything on your grocery list at Cranberry Country Market. In fact, these local grocers are so committed to keeping your pantry full and your kitchen stocked that they guarantee fresh produce year-round, along with a plethora of organic and gluten-free options for the environmental- and health-conscious.

Visit Cranberry Country Market online to learn more, like them on Facebook for updates, or give these friendly neighborhood grocers a call at (608) 374-4944 with any questions.

Announcements & Events from Cranberry Country Market
Cyber Monday Special - Frozen, Unbaked Christmas Cutout Cookies, Byron, Wisconsin
Cyber Monday Special – November 30, 2020 Must order thru our website ( Contact section and email us) or Facebook till 11:00 p.m.  Frozen, Unbaked Christmas Cutout more
Weekly Specials and Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!, Byron, Wisconsin
3 Health Benefits of Using  Cinnamon, Byron, Wisconsin
The holidays are a special time of year—and many of the festivities are centered around food. While using ingredients is a great way to make your meals a bit healthier, the use more
Meat Sale - Fresh & Frozen Nov. 17 & 18, 2020, Byron, Wisconsin
Weekly specials At Cranberry Country Market, Byron, Wisconsin
  Do They Prefer Pot or Ground Planting? Mums can thrive in both situations. If you want to add them to the ground, dig a hole that's an inch deeper than the pot the plant more
This fall, as the leaves begin to change colors and the air becomes crisper, consider checking out some of the beautiful mum varieties at your local country store. This perennial more
Fall is a wonderful time of the year to add a few fresh fruits to your diet. Key among them is pumpkin, one of the season’s most popular additions to everything from pie more
Canning Tomatoes available now! $20 a box (25 lb.). Just stop by at CCM and choose what you want. No need to order. We also, have bulk onions, green bell peppers, jalapenos,& more
Every workout offers you the chance to strengthen your body and boost your self-confidence. While it might seem difficult to reach your fitness goals, the food you eat before a more
We are glad to announce that we updated our store driveway from gravel to asphalt. It is soooo nice, however, we are asking our customers to park on the grass for a few days to more
A charcuterie board is perfect for snacking on when you have guests over, and when done right, it can be impressive. If you’ve never prepared one before, a little forethought and a more
Local Strawberries will be available thru the week of July 6 so if you still need strawberries call in your order. We favor orders first! read more
When you’re planning a cookout after the initial spread of the coronavirus, it’s important to plan more than just what you need from the grocery. You want to consider how many more
Local fresh Asparagus & Rhubarb available read more
Whether you're purchasing from your local farmstand or the grocery store, fresh produce is a great way to add color and nutrition to your meals. However, when it comes to choosing more
Since cheese can be enjoyed alone, paired with chocolate, or shredded onto a pizza, it is one of the most versatile—and delicious—foods. However, many people have questions when it more
We are stocked with local, cage-free brown eggs ( $2.99 doz.), organic whole milk ($2.95 gal.), organic sour cream & cottage cheese ($1.19 16-oz.) and other organic products more
A balanced diet can provide your body with many of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. However, even eating a variety of healthy foods can make you miss out out more
Fresh fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. Doctors recommend consuming at least one-and-a-half to two cups of fruit more
If you haven’t tried these delicious Homemade Pies, now is the time for a real deal! Take home and bake till golden brown and enjoy the taste, plus savor the smell for a more
Fresh fruit offers tons of health benefits, but each variety has its unique qualities and nutrients. Oranges and grapefruits are two popular citrus fruits that you can find at your more
Whether enjoyed on their own or baked into delicious desserts, apples are among the most popular fresh fruits. If you’re an apple lover, you might want to know more about more
With the weather cooling down, now is the perfect time to incorporate squash into your diet. This fresh produce is in season in the fall and winter. There are also several more
Holiday Hours: Thanksgiving Eve 9 – 4 Thanksgiving Day – CLOSED Be Thankful Everyday!! Happy Thanksgiving from Cranberry Country Market! read more
The cranberry is a powerhouse when it comes to improving health. As juice or fresh produce, this superfood delivers a range of benefits for the body. Here are a few more
Tending to appear in abundance during the holiday season, the humble sweet potato is a flavorful root vegetable that makes an excellent addition to your diet. Aside from being more
Smoked Turkey ( 8 – 12 lbs.) Excellent taste!!! $2.99 lb. Or pre-order by November 14th 2019 for a early bird price – $2.75 lb. read more
Fresh & frozen fruit, berries, and produce benefit a healthy diet by providing essential nutrients. Blueberries, which have only 84 calories and 14.7 grams of sugar& more
Fresh fruit is not only a treat for your taste buds, but also a way to stay healthy. Known as one of the healthiest fruits in the world, papaya contains many of the more
Have you ever heard of antioxidants? Including different vitamins and nutrients such as lutein and lycopene, these compounds help our body fight free radicals and stay healthy. more
We still have 8 qt flats of strawberries available – now $28  read more
If you want to add more fresh vegetables to your diet, have you considered shopping around for kohlrabi? Also known as the German turnip, kohlrabi is part of the cabbage family. In more
It is unusual to have strawberries, Washington sweet cherries, blueberries and Washington apricots here at the same time so stop in for all these choices. While supply last! read more
As spring transitions to summer, many fresh fruits and vegetables are available nationwide. Eating in-season produce is considered healthier, since it tends to have more flavor more
Every Memorial Day we have a Flower Blast Sale in our greenhouse and we give 3 baskets or planters away. Here are the winners!  read more
While Supply Last!! read more
Eggs are one of the healthiest kinds of fresh produce you can eat, packing a load of protein, nutrients, and minerals with few calories. They can boost your metabolism, improve your more
While your first instinct may be to enjoy deli meat on a sandwich, it’s such a versatile food that you can use it in many different kinds of meals. If you have a high-quality cut of& more
Grilled Reuben Sandwiches will be available this week till March 16, 2019!     read more
Sorry we are sold out of red roses. read more
Seafood offers a number of physical and mental health benefits for the body. Paired with some fresh vegetables, seafood products such as fish, scallops, shrimp, or crab can make for more
Oranges are one of the most popular types of fresh fruit enjoyed around the world. Not only are they bursting with flavor, but they’re also packed full of vitamins and nutrients. In more
Sorry we are sold out of Fresh Oysters. Homemade Assorted Cookie trays are $3.49 dozen.    read more
If this holiday season is one of your busiest, there’s a convenient way to make your to-do list a little shorter. Your local country store has the delectable baked goods you need to more
Meats will be available week of December 17, 2018 read more
We have Fresh Oysters for your Thanksgiving Holiday – Pint Sale – $16 read more
We have Fresh Oysters for your Thanksgiving Day – pint Sale $16  read more
With fall weather in full swing, there’s plenty of delicious produce to entice you into eating healthy. Now is the perfect time to add these fresh fruits to your shopping list. more
Honey Crisp Apple Pecks are $5.25 (not $5.95 as the ad says) read more
Deli meat is a convenient shot of protein in your diet, but some choices for your sandwiches can be poor options when trying to eat healthy and keep your cholesterol in check. If more
Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are the unofficial flower of fall. As soon as September hits, the plants begin lining the tables of country stores across the nation. While mums more
Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack for your family during a road trip or you’re headed to a party where you’re expected to bring an appetizer, fresh vegetables more
Oregon Blueberries will be available on July 10th  read more
A refreshing salad is delicious after a hot summer day, and with many fresh fruits in season, it’s an opportune time to try adding some to your greens. The staff at Cranberry more
Putting thought into the food you consume starts with where you purchase it. For instance, your local country market will typically have more nutritious options that aren’t doused more
Check out our Beautiful Baskets For Mother’s Day! read more
Spring is an excellent time to stock up on fresh produce and enjoy home cooking. From parsnips and rhubarb to arugula and spinach, fruits and vegetables are more
Sore, stiff joints can create mild discomfort at best, but at worst, they can cause debilitating pain. Many arthritis sufferers and other individuals experiencing inflammation seek more
Whether you’re going on a road trip or spending your day running errands, it can be hard to find snacks that are both tasty and nutritious. Many country stores stock more
As winter progresses, avoiding sickness becomes a daily obstacle. Public spaces like the workplace, gym, school, and shopping centers are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. more
California Citrus has arrived. Excellent Taste!!! read more
                     Fresh (Never Frozen)            Jumbo Chicken Leg Quarter Sale. & more
The California Citrus is scheduled to arrive next week. read more
Sorry, but we are sold out of Prime Rib. read more
Nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and cashews aren’t just delicious—they also have some noteworthy health benefits. Whether you prefer to bake them, throw them into your favorite more
Thanksgiving Specials ---- Great Deals!!! read more
When you think of healthy foods, you likely picture green leafy vegetables, colorful fruits, and maybe some lean meats. However, there’s one type of food that often gets forgotten, more
There are not many foods that herald back to the joys of our youth quite like a warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwich. Just imagining the crusty bread, artisan dairy, and more
The farmer is doing a super job in his cauliflower patch! Extra large for only $1.75 per head!!! read more
Fall is right around the corner, which is the perfect season for soup. And the best accompaniment for soup is a fresh slice of home-baked bread! Your local country store, Cranberry more
Dark chocolate is emerging as a favorite treat for health-conscious people with a sweet tooth — and for good reason! Dark chocolate tastes great, and its growing popularity means more
When it comes to grocery shopping, you always want to maximize your trip by purchasing products that have more than one use. Next time you’re shopping at Cranberry Country Market in more
Imagine enjoying a jar of delicious jam that you made yourself. With some of your favorite fresh fruit and a bit of effort, it’s quite simple to create mouth-watering more
Whether you love baking blackberry pie or cheesecake, bread pudding or chocolate chip cookies, every baker needs the perfect sweetener for their delicious creations. If you’re more
If you fancy yourself a baker, using a variety of flours can be a fantastic way to mix up classic recipes or create new textures in your baked goods. Standing in front of the flours more
Freshly ground nut butter is popular around the country, and Cranberry Country Market in Tomah, WI, is keeping up with the local demand. Their grocery store makes their own regular, more
For some, cooking at home feels like a chore. For others, it’s an exciting opportunity to enjoy their favorite foods. Either way, making the right meal choices can be more
The information surrounding which kind of eggs are the healthiest might seem like it’s continuously changing from one news source to the next. It makes it difficult to more
If you’re inviting guests over, there’s nothing quite like a well-prepared charcuterie platter to keep the party going. Blending the flavors of mouthwatering cheese& more
Growing fresh vegetables in your backyard is easy if you have a little extra time and the right growing conditions. To help you prepare your garden for spring planting, more
Mashed, baked, roasted — there are many ways to prepare potatoes, making them a great go-to food you can incorporate into almost any meal. An added bonus? A staple of any grocery more
Oranges are a terrific, healthy treat for many people. Not only are they appetizing, but they also offer a host of health benefits other fresh fruit simply can’t compete with. more
Grapefruit is a delicious fruit with high nutritional content. Filled with Vitamin C, fiber pectin and a host of antioxidants, it has been known to decrease cholesterol and even more
If your taste buds have no bounds as far as spicy food is concerned, then you are in luck. Adding a bit of heat to your meals could come with numerous health benefits. If you are more
Anyone who enjoys eating steak knows that not all cuts of this succulent beef are the same. Each type offers different flavor and texture experiences. Before purchasing your next more
If you are on a tight budget, you might assume that you can’t afford to buy organic food. But eating these fresh fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to break the bank. Although more
Glazed Donut Sale --29 cents each or 4 for $1 National Glazed Donut Day Stop in and enjoy one today! read more
Managing your sweet tooth responsibly is not always easy. However, having access to delicious local produce and fresh vegetables will help keep you full and healthy. To more
At this time of year, people start worrying more about their waistlines and their overall health. If you struggle with the transition from rolls and pumpkin pie to fresh fruits more
Winter squash is harvested during the summer and fall, so now is the perfect time to start making hearty winter dishes that contain this nutrient-rich vegetable. Tomah, WI’ more
Nelson & Melinda Weaver Family read more
Note the sales on Friday & Saturday – Stock up!!! read more
Fall is the perfect time for hearty swigs of fresh-pressed, crisp apple cider. However, if you’ve ever taken a bottle of this autumnal favorite back to the grocery more
Located in the cranberry capital of the United States, Monroe County, Cranberry Country Market can’t talk enough about this fruit’s incredible health benefits. As one of the region’ more
It’s only a few weeks before Thanksgiving, and no holiday table is complete without a delicious turkey as its centerpiece. Before you flock to grocery stores, country more
Preparing fruits and other delicious foods for jellies, jams, and relishes can be a fun hobby. If you’re new to the world of canning, Cranberry Country Market in Tomah, WI, more
Health experts have long recognized the value of treating nutritional deficiencies with vitamins and supplements. Today, many people are suffering from inadequate levels of more
Summer is the perfect time for a picnic. But many traditional picnic and cookout foods tend not to be the healthiest choices. Fortunately, summer is also the best time to find more
Glucose, or blood sugar, is a source of energy that must be tightly regulated—and that's easier said than done for some of us. Whether it's genetics, lifestyle choices, or other more
Summer is the ideal time to pull out your grill and have a steak cookout for family and friends. To help you make the most succulent steaks, Cranberry Country Market offers more
Your joints will work better if you care for them by getting regular exercise and eating a healthy diet that implements natural nutrients. Sometimes the best way for more
Digestive enzymes are crucial for helping you get the most out of the nutrients you eat. They help your body break down foods so that vitamins and minerals can be absorbed and used more
When it comes to enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables, nothing beats eating seasonal, locally-sourced produce. At Cranberry Country Market, conveniently located in Tomah, WI, five more
Those who have problems absorbing vital fats from their diet, or those with certain metabolic disorders that make fat absorption a challenge may suffer from vitamin E more
Making your own lunch instead of going out to eat is a great way to save money and eat well. Cranberry Country Market has a fantastic selection of quality deli meats, cheeses, more
Looking to improve your grocery shopping habits? Ensure you bring home bags of healthy groceries with a little help from Cranberry Country Market. The family-owned supermarket in more
Eating vegetables, especially the green, leafy kind, is the quickest way to ensure that your body is receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy. Cranberry more
More delicious asparagus just arrived. Stock up at our low prices this week at $2.99 @ bundle. Great on the grill, add your favorite sauce or compliment it with any meal for a more
Family-owned Cranberry Country Market is preferred for groceries among Tomah, WI’s residents for its commitment to stocking items made by suppliers in Wisconsin. Among its more
Preserving food by canning is a valuable process that can save you money and provide healthier food. If you're interested in learning more about this economical and enjoyable more
Start your day with freshly roasted, premium coffees available at Cranberry Country Market. This premier supermarket in Tomah, WI, houses an extensive range of high-quality, more
Our plants are all grown in Central Wisconsin. Our growers have some wonderful plants with extra touches of beauty! We get shipments twice a week throughout the flower season more
With a name like Cranberry Country Market, you can expect this Monroe County supermarket to carry a great selection of fresh cranberries and cranberry products. more
Nothing beats a slice of warm toast coated in sweet jelly for breakfast. A light but filling treat, jelly makes everything a little bit sweeter. Because store-bought jellies are more
Cranberry Country Market has updated it's weekly ad. Try some of their locally made, tasty sausages on the grill for that perfect picnic or pop a locally made unbaked raspberry pie more
Even if you’re pinching pennies at home, you don't have to skimp on eating nutritious meals with your family. Buying healthy food on a budget can be easy if you’re shopping at more
There's no doubt that beans are good for you. But have you ever heard that dried beans are better for you than canned beans? If you're looking to buy healthy groceries in Tomah, WI, more
CHRIST  is RISEN indeed!!read more
Weekly ad starting March 21 - 26, 2016 read more
Stock up for the grilling season with this special more
One of the most challenging quandaries for the home cook is figuring out what cooking oils should be stocked in the pantry and on hand for daily use. Cranberry Country Market, more
Vinegar has been used in cooking for centuries, but did you know that apple cider vinegar has a whole host of health benefits too? Cranberry Country Market is Tomah's favorite more
Behold the humble lemon. This tiny, tart fruit is a nutrient-packed powerhouse, and adding lemon juice to a cup of warm water is an excellent and easy way to take advantage of all more
When you’re looking to buy meat from your local supermarket, you may be wondering what the difference is between grass-fed beef and factory-farmed meat and how it affects you. Your more
Flavorful spices are ideal for enhancing bland foods. However, many people are unaware of the health benefits of these tasty seasonings. Cranberry Country Market knows that more
I am working at getting a better view of things - bear with me. Any questions on these products call or email us. Melindaread more
This is our annual seafood sale. Order by February 17, 2016 and it will be ready for pickup February 27, 2016. Any questions about the product feel free to contact us by email or more
Cranberry Country Market in Tomah, WI, is a special little grocery store that offers local groceries, fresh vegetables, and artisan deli meats. The supermarket more
You are invited to come to Cranberry Country Market for a free doughnut on Feb.9th, 2016. Enjoy your choice of filling: Crème, Custard, Red Raspberry, Black more
A brand New Year is the best time to start a healthier lifestyle. Maybe this first month has been challenging for you to implement change and reach your goals. Tomah, WI’s more
When health takes top priority, there's no better place in Monroe County, WI, to stock up on organic and local groceries than Cranberry Country Market. Shop for more
If you are looking for a vast selection of fresh foods, look no further than the Cranberry Country Market in Tomah, WI. As a locally owned grocery store, many of their products more
When it comes to spices, look no further than Cranberry Country Market in Tomah, WI. Cranberry Country Market is a grocery store known for carrying local, fresh groceries stocked by more
If you live in Wisconsin and haven't heard about Cranberry Country Market in Tomah, you don't know what you've been missing. Featuring an inventory of fresh more
Looking for a local grocery store that sells natural, healthy meats and other food? Look no farther than Tomah, Wisconsin. Many people are making an effort to eat healthier, more more
Some bread recipes call for the addition of wheat gluten. While most of us know what it means to be gluten-free, and that gluten-free recipes contain substitutes for the gluten in more
Fresh skinless, boneless chicken thigh meat is a tender meat that is versatile. You can marinate, broil or grill to perfection with little effort.Stock up now with these great more
Cranberry Country Market takes pride in its locally-sourced produce. Whenever possible, Tomah, WI's most family-friendly grocery store buys from Wisconsin-based vendors. You can more
Cranberry Country Market in Tomah, WI, has made a name for itself for providing the best selection of fresh vegetables, deli meats, dairy, and local, seasonal specialties. A visit more
If you’re looking for alternatives to big-box grocery stores in Wisconsin, then you should certainly visit Cranberry Country Market. They are a family-owned and operated more
When customers are looking for fresh produce and food products that are handled with meticulous care, it always pays to shop local. The locally owned and operated grocery store more
Delicious home cooking brings families together on the holidays. Honey glazed hams and maple roasted turkeys are the perfect dishes to celebrate this special time of the year. When more