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The heating and cooling system in your home or office is incredibly important for comfort throughout the year. The family owned and operated Northwind Heating & Air is known throughout the local community of Lexington, OK for their quality of service and longstanding history in the heating and air conditioning business. They know how to make sure you are ready for the cold winter months, the warm summer months, and everything in between!

Five-star service is what you get when you contact Northwind Heating & Air for HVAC installation, service or repair. There are very few issues that this heating and cooling company has not encountered in their 25-year history. In addition to experience, this family team is committed to prompt service that keeps your home or office comfortable at all times.

Northwind Heating & Air performs every aspect of your heating and cooling needs, from air conditioner installation to furnace repair. An air conditioning and heating service is also available and recommended to keep your unit in optimal working order year after year. Need furnace repair before that predicted cold front hits? Don't worry! Furnace repair and a variety of other services are just a phone call away.

Northwind Heating & Air makes every effort to assess your problem right away and perform the necessary service that will ensure you can be comfortable in your own home or place of business. Trust your HVAC needs to seasoned professionals. Call Northwind Heating and Air at (405) 527-7135 or visit their website for more information.

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