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Jacob Electric LLC provides indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and various electrician services to residential and commercial clients throughout Hawaii. As a fully licensed and insured electrical company, Jacob Electric possesses the experience and reliability to complete any job, no matter how big or small. While providing indoor lighting for your home or office building, the company will also assist in the repair and installation of light fixtures, providing you with an elegant display for the light in your home or office building.

Indoor lighting also includes services such as electrical wirings electrical outlets, and circuit breakers. As electronics become a more important part of everyone’s daily lives, the need for more outlets and wiring also arises. If you need new outlets added or you simply need one moved for more convenience, the experienced electricians at Jacob will complete this task in a professional and efficient manner. 

The company will also do electrical repair and inspect your circuit breaker if need be. If your breaker consistently trips, it could be due to a loose circuit, which the service will tighten, replace, or remove. You should never attempt to repair a circuit breaker on your own.

If you own a business, emergency lighting is extremely important for the safety of you and all your employees. The electrical company repairs and installs exit signs and other necessary emergency lights in order to make sure that your building is on par with all safety codes. When you need electrician services in the Hawaii area, Jacob Electric LLC has extensive experience providing a variety of services to homes and businesses. Visit the company online for more information.

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