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When you need cash quickly and you’re looking for a lender with a great reputation you can count on, choose Minute Loan Center. For over 20 years, their experienced loan experts have been helping people in the Delaware, Nevada, Utah, and California areas get funding for everything from car repairs to daily living expenses like rent and electrical bills.

The team at Minute Loan Center understands that life is unexpected and sometimes you need a little cash infusion to get back on track. That’s why they’re dedicated to helping people from all walks of life get the cash they need at a rate they can afford. In addition to offering affordable personal loans, Minute Loan Center provides their neighbors with several other valuable services, including:

  • Tax Preparation: If you want to get the most out of your tax return, take advantage of Minute Loan Center’s tax preparation services. They don’t charge any upfront fees, and they can get you your money on the same day.
  • Cash For Electronics & Gold: At Minute Loan Center, you can turn old electronics and gold into instant cash. They offer the best rates around for electronics, and they always offer fair gold prices according to the current market value.
  • Gift Card Exchange: Minute Loan Center is one of the only loan centers in the state that offers gift card exchange services. If you have a gift card that you know you’ll never use, take it to your friendly local lender. You can either trade in your unwanted card for a gift card you actually want or simply sell it on the spot for cash.

Every day the team at Minute Loan Center works hard to say yes to their clients. They want to get you what you need and they’ll do everything in their power to get you the financing you deserve. Give them a call today, visit them online, or stop by the nearest location during regular business hours. Minute Loan Center also has online apps available for easy access into your line of credit in the Apple Store or Google Play.

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