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Norwich Ophthalmology and Coastal Ophthalmology have been providing southeastern Connecticut with quality eye care for more than 40 years. While the two offices are staffed by caring, hometown doctors with a dedication to your health and satisfaction, they are also expert ophthalmologists, highly trained in the latest techniques and treatments for vision problems.

Norwich Ophthalmology Group is constantly striving to offer their community the best in preventative and corrective eye care. Since they have high rates of success, they have become trusted leaders in vision corrective surgery, from laser vision correction to Lasik eye surgery to cataract surgery. There has been so much improvement in these techniques in the past few years that their patients are now seeing faster results, quicker recovery times, and little discomfort.

In addition to those services, Norwich Ophthalmology Group is proud to provide eye exams, prescriptions, and advice on eyeglasses. They even have on-site optical shops that will get you in a new, stylish pair of frames in minutes. They stock the best in lens technology and a range of styles to fit any budget. The same goes for contact lenses. From soft to disposable to durable, they’ve worked with it all. Whatever your needs or desires, they can order and advise you on just about any contact lens on the market.

With locations in Niantic and Norwich, Norwich Ophthalmology Group prioritizes convenience, comfort, quality, and health. Don’t hesitate to get your annual eye exam; make an appointment today by calling 860-886-0161 for their Norwich office or 860-691-0253 for their Niantic office. You can also learn more by visiting them online or on Facebook

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Glaucoma is a serious vision problem that damages the eye’s optic nerve, and without early intervention, it could eventually lead to permanent vision loss. In fact, it’s the leading more
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Stop in our Norwich or Niantic optical shop for 25% off Ray-Ban sunglasses! read more
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Eye health is one aspect of healthcare that many people take for granted until something goes wrong. The good news is that the most common vision problems are fairly easy to fix if more
LASIK eye surgery has become the most common eye procedure used to correct vision problems. This type of vision correction surgery can be performed on people who are near-sighted or more
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For those with vision problems, getting cataract surgery can be a low cost and non-evasive solution that can help you see better than ever. Though the average patient may be more
Whether you are blessed with perfect eyesight or wear contact lenses or glasses, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: clear vision is important. If you do rely on corrective more
From regular eye exams to more complex procedures, the ophthalmologists at Norwich Ophthalmology Group in Norwich and Niantic, CT, have been helping patients with their more
In recent years, people have become more conscious of damaging UV rays and have taken measures to protect their skin against harmful radiation. Yet, your eyes are one body part that’ more
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Did you know corneal transplants were possible? The ophthalmologists at Norwich Ophthalmology and Coastal Ophthalmology in Norwich and Niantic CT, sometimes use the procedure to more
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Blurry vision can easily interfere with your daily life. If you’re having trouble reading road signs or words on a computer screen, you may want to consider LASIK eye surgery. The more
A cataract occurs when the lens of the eye clouds over, impairing vision. Cataracts affect over half of the population age 65 and older. Norwich Ophthalmology Group, which more
LASIK eye surgery is currently the most popular form of refractive surgery in the United States. The surgery corrects farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism to more
If you are in the southeastern Connecticut area, Norwich Ophthalmology Group has two premier locations to solve all of your vision problems. For over 30 years, Norwich Ophthalmology more