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Evolution Enrichment Center

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Evolution Enrichment Center

38 Delancey St, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10002
(212) 375-9500
Evolution Enrichment Center, Child & Day Care, Family and Kids, New York, New York

Located in the Bowery neighborhood of NYC, Evolution Enrichment Center is more than just a day care. Through classes and activities where students explore and have fun while learning, this revolutionary learning center encourages children to develop their strength of mind, body, and heart.

With a sprawling 15,000-square foot facility, Evolution Enrichment Center is the perfect place for two to five-year-olds to start their educational journey. The 2’s and 3’s programs boast activities for kids that entertain and enlighten: two-year-olds enjoy interactive play, arts and crafts, creative movement, gym, and cooking; three-year-olds participate in language arts, math, art, science, creative movement, cooking, social skills, and health and fitness.

The highly-regarded UPK program is a fully-immersive full-day pre-K program where experienced child care professionals focus on helping your little one become well-rounded. The learning center's multi-faceted curriculum includes world knowledge, literacy and communications, social and emotional development, health, and fitness. Evolution Enrichment Center prides itself on providing personalized instruction to each student, and they offer classes that explore different approaches to learning.

Enrichment classes at Evolution Enrichment Center are designed to instill helpful skills in your child while encouraging them to play and explore. Consider enrolling your child in chess for kids, Chinese cultural immersion, or G&T test prep classes to ensure their bright future. Mixed martial arts, rhythmic gymnastics, and dances of the world classes promote health and fitness while allowing kids to let loose and have fun.

Small class sizes ensure desirable low student-to-teacher ratios, and instructors at the learning center prioritize creating partnerships with parents to provide the best learning environment for kids. If you live in NYC, act soon to secure your child’s position in these popular classes and programs. Visit Evolution Enrichment Center on their website for all of the latest information, or call (212) 375-9500 to ask about the program of your choice. If you're interested in learning more about the progressive learning center, you can also follow them on Facebook.

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