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Mililani Town Center Pet Clinic

95-1099 Ainamakua Dr, Suite 2
Mililani, HI 96789
(808) 625-6744
Mililani Town Center Pet Clinic, Animal Hospitals, Services, Mililani, Hawaii

“Dr. Sakaino is a phenomenal vet!!” – Janey B., Kapolei

Phenomenal veterinarians, exceptional pet care, and wonderful care for pet owners is what you’ll find at Mililani Town Center Pet Clinic. As the premier center for pet care on the island, the MTC Pet Clinic is the only full-service vet office your family needs. Providing every major medical service for most breeds of pets, this clinic proudly offers the same level of service for pets and humans alike!

Most clients have been recommended to the animal medical center by existing members who admired the quality veterinarian services they received. From general well-checkups to sick visits, neutering and spaying to important shots, and even extended hours several nights a week (to better accommodate the 9-5 crowd), the MTC Pet Clinic works to make pets and owners safe, happy, and healthy year-round.

If your cat or dog already sees another vet, but you’ve been looking for an additional professional opinion, contact the expert vets for a consultation. They’ll speak with you about your pet’s past medical history, current concerns, and what previous vets may have suggested as the best course of treatment.

Friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and deeply pet-loving, the staff at Mililani Town Center Pet Clinic comprises the team you want on your fuzzy friend’s side. To set up an appointment with the top pet clinic on the island, call (808) 625-6744.

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