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GrandeVille Senior Living Community, Adult Day Care, Services, Rochester, New York

At GrandeVille Senior Living Community, adult care goes above and beyond the ordinary. The experienced, compassionate staff at this Rochester, New York-based facility strive to create a comfortable, joyful environment where every senior can receive great care while living life to the fullest.

As a licensed adult care community, GrandeVille Senior Living Community proudly offers a wide range of services depending on each individual’s needs. From memory care, to adult day care, and short-term stays, their 140 bed facility is the perfect place for any senior. They offer 24-hour emergency care, delicious meals and snacks, and housekeeping and laundry services. Plus, their campus boasts an on-site medical clinic, beauty shop, barber, pharmacy service, lab service, podiatry service, and physical therapy; tenants have immediate access to the things they need most.

Apart from great medical care, GrandeVille Senior Living Community concentrates on offering plenty of entertainment and activities. Knowing that recreation and social activities are essential to overall quality of life, this facility keeps an active calendar with various events like ice cream socials, musical concerts, card games, devotion services, and exercise classes. There are plenty of scheduled outings as well so that residents and day care attendees alike can travel together by bus to the grocery store, library, or post office with the help of watchful staff members.

If you have a loved one who is looking for an elderly community living situation that’s professional, compassionate, comfortable, and fun, call GrandeVille Senior Living Community today at (585) 621- 6160. Visit their website for more information on their services.

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Based on guidance from the CDC and other government health agencies regarding the COVID-19 virus, GrandeVille has prohibited all visitation until further notice. In addition to more
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January Newsletter    Happy New Year!  With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season ending, we hope the start of a new year finds everyone happy and healthy. more
Winter weather can be dangerous for anyone, but elderly people are especially vulnerable to injury and illness during the colder months. That’s why the team at GrandeVille Senior more
December Newsletter Annual Cookies with Santa Event a Success  This year’s Cookies with Santa had all the fun and holiday cheer of years past. We also had the exciting more
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On Dasher, On Dancer, the most wonderful time of the year is here again at Rochester’s most beloved senior living community! Kids of all ages are cordially invited to kick more
November Newsletter  GrandeVille Named Semi-Finalist GrandeVille is very proud to announce that our community was selected as a Greece Regional Chamber of Commerce more
GrandeVille Senior Living Community is a senior living community that’s truly valued as part of the Rochester, NY neighborhood. They provide compassionate services, including more
Halloween isn’t just about sweets and spooks–this holiday is also a great opportunity to bring loved ones together. After all, people of any age like to dress up and chow down on more
GrandeVille’s Annual Trick-or-Treat Event Monday October 30th  5:30 – 7:00pm   This is a fun event our residents and staff look forward to every year. Adults more
October Newsletter  Updates to GrandeVille’s Main Courtyard We are excited about the current project underway to update the main courtyard in GrandeVille. The maintenance more
Join us for Pink Day at GrandeVille Help us support Breast Cancer Awareness month by donating and wearing the color pink on Tuesday, October 17th. All donations will be sent to more
According to the National Council on Aging, one out of four senior citizens will experience a fall each year. They can happen just about everywhere, even in the home. To this end, more
As your loved one ages, they may find themselves lacking energy to participate in recreational activities or socialize with others as they used to.  While a senior living more
Assisted living communities are a great solution for seniors seeking community and care, and to celebrate the assisted living system, GrandeVille Senior Living Community in more
September Newsletter  National Assisted Living Week 2017  This year we marked National Assisted Living Week with exciting, daily events, as well as, with a couple big more
This message is for all family members of our Mary Regina residents. Please disregard if you have a loved one in GrandeVille ALR/EALR.  The upcoming family council more
If you are caring for an older parent or loved one, you may be considering options like assisted living or long-term enhanced care to better meet their medical, emotional, and more
Adult day care services include a variety of features. At GrandeVille Senior Living Community, based in Rochester, NY, residents have the option of receiving traditional or memory more
August Newsletter  Annual Summer Picnic a Success!  Last week we hosted our annual summer picnic for all residents and their loved ones. This event is always a fun more
You don't need an excuse to hang out with your loved ones; however, if you did, GrandeVille Senior Living Community has provided the perfect one. Join them on August 10 starting at more
Caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s can be challenging, which is why it’s important to also maintain your mental and physical strength. According to the professionals at more
Summer is a time to enjoy the sun and create memories with friends and family. If you have a loved one currently living at GrandeVille Senior Living Community in Rochester, NY, then more
The number of older Americans is growing, and so is the number of those who want to age at home. While healthy seniors can often enjoy living at home during their later years, those more
A sense of togetherness is at the heart of every healthy community, which is why the assisted living specialists at GrandeVille Senior Living Community in Rochester, NY, make more
Introducing the discussion on assisted living to your parents is a difficult task that requires planning. It’s natural for them to be defensive about the suggestion, according more
Surgery can be an stressful experience for any individual. But when your loved one has dementia and requires a procedure to stay in good health, the process can be a little more more
Dementia is a serious illness caused either by disease or a head injury that affects a person’s memory. It is most common in the elderly and affects approximately 47.5 million more
Enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day at GrandeVille Senior Living Community with your beloved parent. Whether your mother is a new or longtime resident of the Rochester, NY, senior living more
Keeping individuals active is an important component of successful elder care. No one knows this better than the professional staff at GrandeVille Senior Living Community more
If your parent or loved one is getting older and is having a difficult time caring for themselves, you may be looking into different forms of senior living care. There are many more
Our bodies go through many changes as we age, and through it all, our ability to remember may falter. Blood flow to the brain may decrease over time, which makes retrieving memories more
Sometimes, medical or personal needs require the aid of assisted living as we age. When this happens, it’s not uncommon for people to move into senior living communities; but, more
Enhanced senior living care begins with an emphasis on the individual. That’s why the assisted living specialists at GrandeVille Senior Living Community in Rochester, NY, more
As we get older, we all struggle to remember things from time to time. Sometimes, memory loss can interrupt our lives in major ways; our family members might worry about us, and we more
If you have a loved one who suffers from dementia, you already know how taxing it can be to deal with the disease. Luckily, the dementia assisted living facility more
After your loved one has suffered an illness or injury, short-term respite care may be just the support they need. In addition, it’s a great tool for those looking to research& more
  Assisted living offers many benefits to your aging family members. It allows them to feel as though they are still independent, while you can be confident that they’re more
Those with memory impairments deserve compassion, respect, and support. That’s why the caring staff at GrandeVille Senior Living Community provides memory care services for those more
As our loved ones age, providing for their health and well-being can increasingly become a challenge. If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, the difficulties more
Many people assume that assisted living is too expensive of an option to consider. However, there are actually significant financial benefits to moving to a senior living more
Handling adult care for an aging loved one can be difficult—mentally, emotionally, and physically. The professionals at GrandeVille Senior Living Community in Rochester, NY, know more
Known for their high-quality care and affordable services, the team at GrandeVille Senior Living Community is one of the best licensed assisted living facilities in Rochester, NY. more
One of GrandeVille’s most anticipated events is almost here – our annual family picnic. This event is held each summer and our staff, residents and more
As your parents get older, they're going to depend on you more and more for their well-being. If you have the time, the energy and the resources, then you may be able to meet their more
For the first time ever, GrandeVille Senior Living Community is inviting residents of Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas to attend their Bingo Night on Thursday, April 14 from more
Bring a smile to you senior loved one’s face by celebrating Easter at the 2016 GrandeVille Easter Egg Hunt! Located in Rochester, NY, GrandeVille Senior Living Community proudly more
When it's time to choose a retirement home, relatives often struggle to find the perfect place for their loved ones. Luckily for Rochester, NY, residents, GrandeVille Senior more
GrandeVille Senior Living Community will be hosting a wine and chocolate tasting which is open to the public. The event is free and will take place Thursday February 11 from 6:30 - more
It is often hard for seniors to keep transitioning from home to home. What if they could age in place peacefully and maintain the same community, surroundings and relationships? more
As the winter weather takes hold in Rochester, NY, the risk of slipping and falling intensifies. Icy and snowy conditions on the ground can be treacherous for people of any age, but more
Kick off the holiday season with a festive visit to the GrandeVille Senior Living Community in Rochester, NY, for their annual Cookies With Santa holiday spectacular on more
Over 150 residents, family members, friends and staff gathered at GrandeVille last night to welcome children for trick-or-treating fun. Costumes ranged from the current movie and TV more
If you’re looking for a safe place to take your kids trick or treating this Halloween season, GrandeVille Senior Living Community is the place to be. GrandeVille will be hosting a more
GrandeVille Senior Living Community is sponsoring a food collection of non-perishable items to create baskets for local families in need during the Thanksgiving season. All items more
Congratulations to GrandeVille's Employee of the Month - Maria Palmeri! Maria is on the dietary staff and always comes to work with a positive attitude. She continually puts more