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Helke Construction, Roofing Contractors, Services, Spokane, Washington

Helke Construction is the Somers based home construction company that keeps Montana’s residential sites beautiful. Sometimes you’ll see them building home frameworks; other times you’ll see them throughout the region repairing roofing and siding. They’ve been serving Somers and the surrounding areas around the city since 2008, keeping leaky roofs from further damaging property and remedying worn and tired-looking siding.

What makes Helke Construction unique is its commitment to customers. Any construction company can complete roofing, framing, and siding jobs. Prioritizing the individuals who will be living in the home being built or repaired is an entirely different matter. Helke Construction has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for many reasons, but these include their belief in honesty and integrity.

Employees of Helke Construction will always come to your home to provide an estimate or commence work on time. The estimates they offer will be accurate. You don’t deserve to be told a task will have a specific cost, then learn it will be much more expensive once construction begins. When it comes to the sometimes complex process of home building, Helke Construction’s custom home builders will sit down with you and answer questions. Rest assured that throughout the process of providing repairs or new home construction, only the best materials will be used and the best methods implemented.

A home should be built with structural integrity and reliability. That’s why Helke Construction prioritizes integrity and reliability within their team of builders and management. If you need to repair a leaky roof, improve your siding, have a framing job, or are eager to draw up new home construction plans, call today at (406) 857-2093. You can also contact them online and by email

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