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Freedom Fitness -- Lake St. Louis (Complete Fitness)

Freedom Fitness -- Lake St. Louis (Complete Fitness)

6225 Ronald Reagan Dr.
Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367
(636) 926-3364
Freedom Fitness -- Lake St. Louis (Complete Fitness), Fitness Centers, Health and Beauty, Lake Saint Louis, Missouri

Finding the right gym can be difficult. When deciding on the perfect place for your needs, go with a center that offers flexible options. At Complete Fitness, a Freedom Fitness Partnership Location, in Lake St. Louis, MO, members can take advantage of a variety of classes in a fun, safe, and habit-forming environment. Skilled instructors will help you meet your goals with personalized plans and constant encouragement without a costly price tag.


With roots going back more than a decade, this trusted gym is dedicated to impacting lives with tailored personal training sessions. Working with the most caring and knowledgeable personal trainers in the industry, you can take your fitness level to the next stage. These certified trainers will teach you how to rehab an injury, improve your nutrition, develop muscle strength, and increase conditioning.


Complete Fitness combines the attributes of different programs into one full-body workout called Fit30. Your certified personal trainer will take you through a 30-minute, full-body group training session, designed to burn calories while having a certified personal trainer enhance your form. There’s no set schedule for your workout, so come into the gym at your convenience.


Are you thinking about becoming a personal trainer? In addition to providing comprehensive personal training sessions, this local fitness center also offers an exceptional education program. Sign up for in-depth workshops to receive in-house certification. Their course teaches you the best way to get client results, build relationships, and how to create specialty program workouts.


For the ultimate fitness experience with compassionate trainers, head to Complete Fitness, a Freedom Fitness Partnership Location. Their team is waiting to exceed your expectations. Call them today at (636) 926-3364  to get started or visit them online for more information. 

Announcements & Events from Freedom Fitness -- Lake St. Louis (Complete Fitness)
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