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Law Office of Vervet-Marie Mathews

Law Office of Vervet-Marie Mathews, Family Law, Services, Hamden, Connecticut

For over 12 years, the Law Office of Vervet-Marie Mathews has provided Hamden, CT-area families with a wide variety of high-quality legal services, from divorces and real estate law to estate planning guidance. This law firm is dedicated to one simple goal: helping families through even the most difficult legal situations. Attorney Mathews and her team believe that you deserve a lawyer who will listen carefully to the details of your case, determine your goals, and do everything possible to help you achieve them.

The Law Office of Vervet-Marie Mathews offers services in an array of practice areas, including:

  • Family Law: Whether you need help ensuring that your rights are protected in a divorce or are involved in a custody dispute, they have the experience and resources to help. Whenever possible, they try to find mutually beneficial arrangements all parties can live with.
  • Real Estate Law: Over the course of her career, Attorney Matthews has helped countless clients purchase real property, solve landlord/tenant disputes, and any other issues that may arise in this complex area of the law.
  • Will and Trust Law: With her expertise, you can ensure that your family is protected after you're gone. She'll help you identify your assets, write your will, and prepare other necessary documentation like medical directives and powers of attorney.

The Law Office of Vervet-Marie Mathews gives all of their clients individualized attention and a commitment to their well-being. To learn more and to schedule your free initial consultation, just call (203) 230-0859 today or visit their website.

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