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Pacific Junk Removal is a locally owned and managed, full-service disposal company. The junk removal service is not a franchise or a chain, but a Island company that takes pride in serving residential and commercial customers throughout Hawaii. Pacific Junk Removal is keenly aware of the limited resources throughout the State, which is why all junk collected is properly disposed of. In addition, the company teams with many charitable organizations to guarantee that any re-usable items collected are either re-used or recycled.

There are several reasons why junk removal can be useful to you. If you’re looking for an easy means of appliance recycling or furniture donation, the company has a high volume and 18 cubic yard trucks to help you dispose of large items. For this reason, your junk can be taken away in a single trip. Pacific Junk Removal takes couches, refrigerators, televisions, hot tubs, scrap metals, and yard waste such as bushes, tree limbs, and leaves. Certain items, such as chemicals, oils, paints, or other hazardous materials will not be accepted. 

The company’s prices are based on accessibility, difficulty, and the amount of junk that needs to be hauled from your home or office. Regardless of how difficult your job may be, the company consistently offers affordable prices. You can get a free price estimate directly on the website or schedule a visit for an estimate, which is also complimentary.

When you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to get rid of your junk, Pacific Junk Removal will properly dispose of your old furniture or appliances. Visit the website for more information on disposal services.

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