West Village, New York

SKH Quest Center NYC Quest Dojo


SKH Quest Center NYC Quest Dojo

77 8th Ave, Lower Level
New York, NY 10014
(347) 855-3656
SKH Quest Center NYC Quest Dojo, Martial Arts, Services, New York, New York

SKH Quest Center NYC Quest Dojo specializes in To-Shin Do martial arts, which promotes the idea of living life fully, fearlessly, and freely. To-Shin Do is not merely about physical strength, it is also about confidence and mental clarity. Students will learn how to handle challenging moments in life successfully, as well as how to build both inner and outer strength while maintaining peace and serenity.

NYC Quest Dojo allows students to gain life mastery through martial arts. Instructors and martial artists train in the “art of winning,” which was developed as a way to promote peace, security, and well-being in the world. Students gain command over adversity, not through violence, but through compassion, discipline, and protection.

As a protector you will learn how to grapple, throw, and lock joints; as well as how to strike, kick, use self-defense when on the ground, stick, blade, and cord defense. You will also gain knowledge on how to disarm guns, and safely and successfully handle multiple assailants or surprise attacks. NYC Quest Dojo provides a modern approach to personal defense and cultivating will power.

With the stress and chaos of daily life, it is important to have a stress relieving and empowering exercise program that clears the mind, strengthens the body, and centers the spirit. Training for a mastery of these forms is at the heart of To-Shin Do. Call NYC Quest Dojo at (347) 855- DOJO for more information and register for a FREE trial class.