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Bethel Feed & Supply Pet & Garden Center

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Since 1858, Bethel Feed & Supply Pet & Garden Center has been supplying local ranchers with specialty livestock feed, chicken feed, and hay; they are one of the oldest feed mills in the state of Ohio. Over the decades, Bethel Feed & Supply has evolved to adapt to the needs of modern ranchers, and can cater to the preferences of your beloved pets with a large selection of pet supplies.

When you come to Bethel Feed & Supply, you are coming for the personalized touch that has been a constant in the community since its founding. The knowledgeable team is able to grind and mix feeds to your specifications. If you are trying to bulk up an animal or provide extra nourishment for one that is on the mend, the clerks can come up with a specialty blend that will get the job done.

If you’re in the market for gardening supplies, the garden center carries a wide range of flowers, herbs, and even vegetables. The staff is happy to help you track down your favorite plant, and they will address any questions you have regarding plant care. Even if you are just showing visitors around town, Bethel Feed & Supply is your best bet for finding a unique memento for the trip.

To request a custom feed or flower, or if you have any general questions, call Ohio’s general store, Bethel Feed & Supply Pet & Garden Center, at 513-734-2246.


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As a one-stop shop for pet supplies, gardening supplies, and livestock feed, Bethel Feed & Supply Pet & Garden Center in Bethel, OH is dedicated to supplying you with more
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People who raise and care for animals know how crucial it is to feed them high-quality fare. Bethel Feed & Supply Pet & Garden Center in Bethel, Ohio takes great pride more
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