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Dr. Seon Forde founded Forde’s Professional Tutoring in Brooklyn, NY in 1987. For well over 20 years, Forde and his team of tutors have been central to the city’s tutoring community, widely praised for their positive approach to learning. This tutoring service was founded on the idea that positive reinforcement boosts confidence, which in turn boosts students’ eagerness to learn and their capacity to understand new information. If your child wants to learn with a smile on their face, Forde’s Professional Tutoring is here to help.

The fully certified and experienced teachers who staff Forde’s Professional Tutoring encourage students who are either struggling with, or want to reach for the stars, in any academic subject. Some families elect to work exclusively with an English tutor or science tutor, while others come to Forde’s Professional Tutoring for SAT prep. That’s the beauty of Forde’s Professional Tutoring: the educational opportunities are endless.

Many tutoring services available provide enrichment in one specific academic field. Instead of hyper-focusing on math, Forde’s Professional Tutoring provides a comprehensive learning environment where a student can work on their math skills, their test-taking skills, and/or get a leg up on their high school curriculum. Many families utilize Forde’s Professional Tutoring for different purposes throughout a student’s academic career since tutoring is available to kids from grades two through twelve.

If you’re ready to provide your child with an enhanced learning opportunity where positive reinforcement meets endless educational opportunities, call Forde’s Professional Tutoring today at (347) 210-3004. Classes are offered five days a week. There are also Saturday, after-school, and summer school programs for kids and parents looking for additional learning opportunities. 

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