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Northgate Transmissions LLC, Transmission Repair, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

For over 30 years, Cincinnati drivers have relied on the automotive experts at Northgate Transmissions to keep their vehicles moving. By focusing exclusively on drive-train and transmission repairs, their highly experienced technicians provide outstanding service to all their customers. Over the years, this locally-owned transmission shop has built a reputation for high quality repairs and a commitment to exceeding every expectation. They know you depend on your car, so you can depend on them to take care of it.

Combining state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment with years of experience, Northgate Transmissions' technicians will quickly detect the source of your problem, whether you drive a domestic or imported car, manual or automatic. They'll also provide you with a detailed explanation for the malfunction, so you'll understand what needs to be done and why. Once they've found the issue, they can fix and repair your transmission, while keeping the long-term functionality and value of your vehicle in mind.

Northgate Transmissions only hires the most experienced, highly-certified technicians, who are dedicated to providing all of their customers with fair and honest treatment. They stand by every job they do, and strive to make sure your car is fixed correctly the first time, every time. This shop adheres strongly to the ATRA Member Code of Ethics, so you can feel secure leaving your vehicle in their capable hands.

Visit Northgate Transmissions online to learn more, call (513) 385-4400 to schedule an appointment, or just bring your car by the shop at 3501 Springdale Road today.

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Reputation matters, and it means a lot to locally owned and operated companies like Northgate Transmissions of Cincinnati, OH. They want to make sure their customers have the best more
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Northgate Transmissions would like to give you a Christmas Present... During the month of December, simply mention this ad for $150.00 off the total of any internal transmission more
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