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The GROFAX offers Colorado residents all the supplies you need for your indoor hydroponic garden. Hydroponic plants don’t need soil to grow. They’re planted in sand, wood chips, perlite, or pebbles and provided with the nutrients they need to grow through a hydroponic system. The company not only offers grow lights and plants, but can provide expert advice about hydroponic systems.

Hydroponic plants can be grown almost anywhere. They take up less space than traditional gardens and plants require significantly less water, making a hydroponic garden the perfect indoor growing choice. Since no soil is used, you won’t have to use potentially dangerous pesticides or fertilizers to grow plants and won’t have to worry about pests or diseases that are typically found in plants grown in soil. When you plant hydroponic crops, you’ll be surprised how quickly the plants grow. In fact, they grow twice as fast as crops planted in soil and provide twice the yield.

Whether you’re an experienced hydroponic grower or just learning about organic gardening, you’ll find an array of supplies and accessories at The GROFAX store. The company offers everything from flood tables to pots and grow bags to complete hydroponic systems. The staff doesn’t just sell the products; they also offer expert advice that pertains to your specific area's climate. They’ll show you how to use nutrients, advise you how to balance pH levels, and provide tips that will help your plants grow and thrive.

If you’re stocking a hydroponics greenhouse, need new grow lights, or want some advice about your garden, call The GROFAX at (720) 238-0615, or visit their website or Facebook page. You can also stop by their store at 1929 South Havana St in Aurora, CO.

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