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The Foot Doctor, based in Rochester, New York, specializes in keeping clients' feet happy.  Dr. Ronald S. Gmerek is an experienced podiatrist who provides exceptional medical services, caring for athletes and people of all ages from babies to elderly with their wide-ranging foot problems. He is certified to perform foot surgery, and he judiciously treats patients surgically when required to do so.

While The Foot Doctor treats a range of conditions, a large focus of the office’s practice is sports medicine. Dr. Gmerek works with all types of athletes to ensure their wellness and treat foot and ankle issues, overuse injuries, stress fractures, tendon problems, metatarsal pain, shin splints, and heel and Achilles pain.

If you have another condition, The Foot Doctor will diagnose and recommend medical treatement. Examples of other common podiatry concerns are metatarsal pain, neuroma (thickening of nerve tissue on the ball of the foot), and Sesamoid bone injuries (located in the ball of the foot) - found most often in dancers.

Dr. Gmerek can work with athletes to supply sport-specific orthotics to aid in athletic performance and reduction of sports-related injury in running, tennis, squash, golf, basketball, skiing, cycling, spinning, soccer, lacrosse, hockey and figure skating, in-line skating, and hiking.

Podiatrist Dr. Gmerek also provides treatment for patients needing wound care, ulcers’ treatment, and relief from other foot problems including bunions and flat feet. If you have any any foot problems or pain in your feet and legs when walking or exercising, contact The Foot Doctor to get you back on your feet and pain-free!