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Vineyard Westside

Vineyard Westside

3420 Glenmore Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45211
(513) 922-7897
Vineyard Westside, Churches, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

Vineyard Westside is an honest, diverse, and inviting non-denominational church located in Cincinnati, Ohio that holds the central belief that every being longs for a connection with God.

To explore this connection and achieve a vision of inclusion, Vineyard Westside was founded as Church Vineyard in 2004 under the founding pastor, Tim Urmston. Pastor Urmston began by collecting a group of like-minded individuals who were committed to serve the local community. With a strong interest that quickly increased, Vineyard Westside was born as a place to worship and practice spiritual discipline in the pursuit of growing closer to God.

Now serving over 600 attendees, Vineyard Westside offers a belief system founded on the essential elements of the Christian doctrine, and a commitment to the theology of the kingdom of God. This view is rooted in a renewed understanding of biblical thought through exploration of overarching themes found in the Bible.

With a hope to forge creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative approaches to the ministry through compassion toward the lost, poor, and outcast, Vineyard Westside offers bible study, worship opportunities, and food pantry assistance for those in need of spiritual as well as material guidance.

You can find out more information about Vineyard Westside by calling (513) 922-7897 or visiting their website today.

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