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When it comes to clogged drains and emergency plumbing situations, homeowners and businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area have relied on Allied Reddi-Rooter since 1950. Several factors distinguish the company from their competitors, including their experienced technicians, discounted incentives, and free, no-obligation quotes for repair and replacement services.

Allied Reddi-Rooter specializes in grease trap cleaning to ensure your indoor pipes are free of everyday buildup that can damage pipes and put unnecessary pressure on your system. The professional plumbers conduct a thorough cleaning, followed by a complete scrape-down of the traps’ walls, and an inspection of the entire trap, including its baffles and cover. Once the job is completed, you’ll receive a report on the services completed as well as recommendations on how frequent the traps should be cleaned to prevent any future back-ups.

You can also rely on Allied Reddi-Rooter for water heater replacement and repairs. The plumbing repair specialists use only quality Rheem products for both residential and commercial installations. Call on the experts for a free phone quote on models with the exact capacity unit and size ideal for your space. For businesses that need larger units, the plumbing team will conduct a free, on-site assessment to ensure your water heater selection is the right choice.

Your basements will also be protected from the outside elements thanks to Allied Reddi-Rooter’s sump pump repair and replacement service. The plumbing contractors offer an extensive line of Zoeller high-efficiency and high-capacity sump pumps so that your basements remain dry.

Allied Reddi-Rooter is not only your most efficient professional plumbing connection— the company also strives to makes services and products affordable for their customers. That’s why clients can expect a number of discount coupons, which are available on the website throughout the year. With Allied Reddi-Rooter, you never have to worry about being charged for mileage or service calls at night, over the weekend, or on holidays.

If your drain pipes become clogged or your water heater stops working, call the plumbers at Allied Reddi-Rooter’s at (513) 396-5300 for fast repairs and lasting results. Visit the website to learn more about the range of other services available, including sewer cleaning, sewer line replacement, and water line replacement.

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