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Pounce Hawaii

839 Queen St
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 594-3168
Pounce Hawaii, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

Having pets can completely change your life as they quickly become an important member of your family. Treat your four-legged feline friends right by bringing them to Pounce Hawaii in Honolulu. This cat hotel offers both cat boarding and feline day care services. Offering cage-free suites, they make sure your cat has plenty of space to roam.


The suites at this cat hotel have eight-foot walls and a spacious construction to house your animals comfortably. Each room offers numerous amenities for your feline to enjoy, including multiple platforms, beds, plush and dangling toys, hiding places, and scratchers. Live birds and fish provide entertainment. In addition, these spaces feature open ceilings that allow ample lighting and ventilation.


A playroom is also available for felines to pounce and tumble with other cats while being supervised by a professional. Complimentary daily services include two meals, filtered water, dust-free and chemical-free litter boxes, and coat brushings. Ask staff members about their luxury services, such as baths, pedicures, tooth brushing, and catnip snacks. For ultimate convenience, this team offers a chauffeur service that transports your cat to and from your residence or an airport.


Your cat deserves the best care possible, even when they’re not with you. When you need boarding or day care services for your pet, bring them to Pounce Hawaii. Call this cat hotel today at (808) 594-3168 to make a reservation or visit them online to learn more.

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