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You might know that kooky guy in town who keeps a possum for a pet, but chances are, if you have one of your own hanging around the house, you want him gone. When it comes time to evict the little fella, Critter Getter is the place to call. With more than 37 years of experience serving the Southeast Alabama area, this family-owned and operated business knows everything there is to know about ridding your property of native pests. 

Critter Getter can handle all manner of animal removal, and specializes in snake removal and nuisance wildlife damage control. Whether your critter is harmless or dangerous, Critter Getter has the expertise to take it off your hands quickly and safely— as they like to say, no critter is “un-getable.”

Critter Getter is fully licensed and insured, and belongs to the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. The company proudly serves all of Southeast Alabama, including Dothan, Slocomb, Enterprise, Columbia, Daleville, Webb, Ozark, and more. To ensure that every family doesn’t spend a single night in a potentially dangerous situation, their wildlife removal experts will make nighttime calls in the event of a critter that needs immediate removal. Furthering their commitment to the community, Critter Getter also offers military discounts in support of our servicemen and women.

If you have a snake, skunk, armadillo or other animal that needs the old heave-ho, take charge of the situation before your property or your family suffer. Give Critter Getter a call at (334) 598-4674 and get ready to take back your turf. You can also learn more about their services by visiting them online.

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