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Have you ever heard of “hydroponics”? It’s a gardening method that allows plants to grow without soil. How can this work, you may ask? Well, as a hydroponics expert will tell you, there are several growing mediums that plants can thrive in, such as Rockwool, perlite, coconut fiber, gravel sand and more. If this is your first time on an entry level hydroponic system, then Grow Your Own is the company for you!

They have been fine-tuning their scientific organic gardening methods since opening their business in 2007. This business stocks thousands of hydroponic supplies in order to better help their customers care for their gardens. Whether you’re in need of irrigation and lighting systems or need the equipment to build a green house, the professionals at Grow Your Own will have what you need.

These experts have a large line of products from Hydrofarm, BWGS, Humboldt Wholesale, Sunlight Supply and more. They also brew VermiCrops Vermi-T each week, so there’s always a fresh supply of living and organic garden nutrients for your plants. These products will assist in root mass and cloning so that your garden will continue to grow and multiply.

Grow Your Own has organic pesticides and provides biological control methods for controlling pests and diseases that could harm your garden. If you have any questions about starting a garden, talk with a professional by calling (303) 990-1929. Visit their website for a full list of products and services for organic gardening. 

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Since 2007, Grow Your Own in Denver, Colorado has been one of the area’s leading hydroponic and scientific grow supply stores. From grow lights to garden nutrients, Grow Your more
Need CO2! Want bigger results? Come and get your 20lb. refiles for $6.98 + tax at Grow Your Own, 2118 S. Bellaire St. Denver, CO 80222 or call 303.990.1929 for any of your gardening more
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