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Columbia Osteopathic Clinic

1715 W. Worley St, Suite B
Columbia, MO 65203
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Columbia Osteopathic Clinic, Alternative Medicine, Health and Beauty, Columbia, Missouri

Holistic and alternative medicine is a proven way to treat chronic pain, headaches, and sports injuries. If you’re searching for a caring holistic physician, head to Columbia Osteopathic Clinic. Dedicated to serving patients of all ages across Columbia, MO, and the surrounding area, this local health clinic specializes in alternative solutions, including osteopathic manipulation, wellness treatments, and pain management.


Led by talented physician Dr. Suzanne Alt and her 33 years of experience, this trusted alternative medicine clinic provides the latest holistic options in the field. Dr. Alt offers a background in regenerative medicine and a certification in prolotherapy. She is also board-certified in family medicine, anesthesia, and pain management. Patients will enjoy her hands-on approach in osteopathic manipulation sessions, designed to heal structural problems in the spinal column and cranium.


The family medicine side of the practice is personalized to the individual needs of each patient. Dr. Alt takes time to get to know you as a person, assessing your medical history as well as the daily factors that influence your life. She listens to your questions and concerns to get you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. What makes these appointments special is the amount of time you spend with the physician. Dr. Alt takes 45 to 50 minutes with every patient, unlike the average doctor visit of seven minutes. Additional services offered at this clinic include:

  • Hormone therapy
  • Ultrasound guidance
  • Neural therapy
  • Thyroid management
  • Laser therapy

When deciding on the right alternative medicine doctor for you and your family, reach out to Dr. Alt and the caring staff at Columbia Osteopathic Clinic. Call her office today at (573) 875-4877 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information.