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Secure and Affordable Self Storage Facility in Troutman.

Exit 42 Self Storage

139 Houston Rd
Troutman, NC 28166
(704) 528-0300
Exit 42 Self Storage, Self Storage, Services, Troutman, North Carolina

Exit 42 Self Storage provides secure and convenient storage solutions in Iredell County, NC. Open for more than 15 years, the locally-owned self-storage rental company prides itself on working with customers to find the right storage space for their needs, offering everything from storage boxes to climate-controlled self-storage units.

The facilities at Exit 42 Self Storage feature tan and green self-storage units that are always clean and maintained. They offer 230 standard self-storage units and 61 climate controlled self-storage spaces— perfect for books, furniture, photographs and items sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. They also offer outdoor boat and RV storage. Whether you’re moving and you need temporary storage or you have too many things and need a long-term self-storage rental, Exit 42 Self Storage will work with you to find storage solutions for all of your items.

Customers at Exit 42 Self Storage have access to their self-storage units 24 hours a day, seven days a week by using their secret access code at the computerized gate. Safety and security is a top priority for owners Lynn and Susan Sherrill. They’ve equipped the entire property with lots of lights and electronic surveillance cameras. If you notice any suspicious activity, the 24-hour emergency service is available to help. Exit 42 Self Storage also provides extra insurance protection to customers upon request.

As a one-stop shop for moving and storage solutions, Exit 42 Self Storage provides storage boxes and moving supplies, along with secure self-storage units to protect your valuables. To get a self-storage cost estimate, call (704) 528-0300 or visit the website

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