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Pests can be a nuisance, but eliminating them from your property requires a humane approach and a sure hand.

Enter Critter Control, the top national pest control company in the United States. With 120 locations scattered throughout the country and parts of Canada, Critter Control is an accessible, guilt-free way to rid your property of a range of pests. The company specializes in wildlife control, but will handle basic interior extermination jobs including mouse control and squirrel removal, or they can take care of outdoor needs such as lawn mole removal and bird control.

Kevin Clark founded Critter Control in 1983 with a new objective when it came to wildlife management. Rather than using any means necessary to blast pests out of the way, he developed a system that focused on trapping and relocating pesky intruders, preventing damage caused by critters, as well as repairing damage caused by pests. Critter Control now proudly includes Eco-Wise green pest control in its arsenal, as well as Critter Safe and other wildlife management supplies.

Critter Control provides services for homeowners, property management companies, industrial and commercial clients, Fortune 500 companies and government offices. Their staff encompasses a range of biologists, zoologists, animal control personnel and anti-cruelty specialists to continually uphold their practices to the highest standards of excellence. Each Critter Control location is committed to environmentally responsible solutions and humane trap and relocate techniques, all at a reasonable cost and with a long-lasting result.

For more information on Critter Control, or to request a quote, call the friendly support team at (608) 273-1318.

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