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Enjoy an easier way to include health and wellness activities at your assisted living or skilled nursing facility when you work with RBM Wellness in Fredericktown, MO. This company was launched by Beverly Stephens, H.F.P., C.E.S., who has more than a decade of health and mental wellness experience, to provide effective fitness programs to better the lives of senior citizens.


Their Rebuild Me Programs offer whole-person wellness solutions that can be utilized in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. These programs are designed to be incorporated into your existing schedule and led by current staff to help you save time and money when planning health and wellness activities for your residents. The RBM Wellness team offers full support for facilities, from offering instructions on how to run the program to providing one-on-one consultations and marketing materials.


These 12-month programs can be repeated annually. The benefits of the Rebuild Me Programs include improved physical and mental health and wellness, as well as reduced falls. Residents will also be able to stay at your facility longer and fully enjoy their golden years.


This team has recently launched their Recover and Rebuild Program, which complements the recovery process. With two exercise videos that focus on flexibility, resistance, and neuromuscular wellness, this eight-week program is available for individuals to use during their at-home recovery and reduces the potential need for hospital readmission.


Whether you’re looking for exercises to aid your recovery or fun and engaging ways to enhance resident health at your assisted living facility, find the wellness solutions you need at RBM Wellness. Call this passionate staff today at (573) 783-1519 to get started or visit their website for more information.