Waikiki, Hawaii

Seoul Tofu House

Seoul Tofu House

2299 Kūhiō Ave , Space C
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 376-0018
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Are you looking for the best soondubu in Hawaii? Located in Honolulu, Seoul Tofu House is home to close to a dozen varieties of mouthwatering soondubu and other traditional Korean food. This locally owned and operated restaurant is proud to serve authentic meals with enchanting recipes originating from South Korean kitchens. You and your dining mates will experience a wonderful blend of spices and exceptional service.


What separates this Korean restaurant from other establishments is their dedication to authentic flavors. Owner David Kang took head chef Min Kim’s recipes from restaurants in South Korea and introduced them to culinary enthusiasts in Hawaii. Their menu consists of 11 soondubu dishes, including kim chee, vegetable, and ham and cheese, each one more delicious than the last.


Visitors to this popular Asian restaurant can dress their soft tofu stew with their desired level of spices, ranging from regular to danger. This hot meal is filled with fresh ingredients, such as green onions, mushrooms, and sliced chilis, resulting in a delicious medley that is sure to warm the soul. If you’re extra hungry, add on separate dishes of barbecue, noodles, and Jeon (Korean pancakes).


Exceeding your expectations is the goal of Seoul Tofu House. To accomplish their mission, they provide extraordinary meals at affordable prices. Short wait times and a friendly waiting staff make the experience delightful. Stop in day or night for a welcoming atmosphere perfect for date nights or long lunches.


If you’re ready to try something new for dinner, head to Seoul Tofu House. These professionals will blow you away with outstanding Korean cuisine. Call them today at (808) 376-0018 to hear the latest specials or visit them online for a full list of menu items.

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