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Augusto Fojas, DDS. Dentistry for Adults and Children

Augusto Fojas, DDS. Dentistry for Adults and Children

387 County Line Rd W, #125
Westerville, OH 43082
(614) 882-0275
Augusto Fojas, DDS. Dentistry for Adults and Children, Dentists, Health and Beauty, Westerville, Ohio

When searching for a family dentist, you want to work with someone who will actually treat you like family. Since 2002, the practice of Augusto S. Fojas, DDS, in Westerville, OH, has offered compassionate, thorough services for patients. Dr. Fojas and his team strive to maintain your natural teeth without invasive surgeries or aggressive treatments.


Turn to this office for a wide range of family dentistry services. From routine oral exams and cleanings to x-rays and fillings, this dentist and his team of hygienists will ensure you and every member of your family maintain a healthy, radiant smile. Count on them to provide tips for maintaining oral health between visits to make your bi-annual appointments a breeze.


Dr. Fojas is experienced in providing complete restoration services to repair your smile and help you achieve your oral health goals. When positioning dental implants, he and his team use CBCT scans to ensure proper placement. They provide CEREC® same-day crowns to meet your needs faster. In all of their services, they offer sedation when necessary to help patients remain calm and make treatments easier.


Using advanced technology and the latest equipment in the industry, this practice provides laser dentistry services to meet a variety of needs. Whether reshaping and treating your gums or lengthening your crowns, treating cavities, or performing gingivectomies, the Solea® laser used at this clinic ensures faster healing times with minimally invasive treatments.


Find all of the dental care services you need in one convenient location. The office of Augusto S. Fojas, DDS accepts most insurance carriers and provides financing options when needed. Call them today at (614) 882-0275 to schedule a consultation with their dentist for restoration services or to make an appointment for your regular checkup. You can also visit them online for more information.

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