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DesignTech Services, Inc.

DesignTech Services, Inc.

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DesignTech Services, Inc., Computer Tech Support, Services, New York, New York

Incredible design is what drives the fashion industry, and no company understands the business better than DesignTech Services, Inc. As the leading provider of design support and training in the fashion industry, they know what your business needs to be productive and creative.

Typical IT companies don’t understand the software that fashion apparel, accessories, home furnishings, advertising, print, and consumer product companies use, and they don’t understand how design works or what true color management means. But at DesignTech, they can provide total system and user support for Apple or PC based design programs, and they have Total Care plans available to fit any budget and need.

Beyond creating your design room, DesignTech also offers Adobe software support, training classes and workshops to help get your team up to speed on fashion industry technology. When your technical hardware and software doesn’t function as it should, DesignTech also provides troubleshooting and problem-solving support, preventative maintenance, and new software and hardware installations. In addition to providing software support, DesignTech is also an authorized reseller for both Apple and Adobe products, so you always have access to the parts you need.

Smart business owners know the importance of backing up their data and keeping it secure from theft, which is why DesignTech also offers DesignVault. DesignVault is remote online storage for all your design files that can only be accessed from a secure source. With DesignVault, you can sleep well knowing that your data is protected in a fully-automated backup system.

Don’t trust your IT services to a company that doesn’t understand your company's specific industry needs. Go with the company you know you can trust— DesignTech. If you’re looking to increase your design room productivity and get your design team in motion with designer training, then call DesignTech Services, Inc. today at (800) 507-5617. You can also visit their website to check out their training schedule and see a full list of services. 

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