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If you suffer from chronic pain, you aren't alone. Nearly one-third of Americans experience chronic pain—that's more than the number of Americans who are affected by heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined. Chronic pain can impact nearly every aspect of your life, from limiting your daily activities to creating tension within your relationships and family. A serious condition in its own right, treating chronic pain can be a challenge even today—that's why residents of North Carolina go to Westchester Chiropractic Clinic

The alternative care practitioners at Westchester Chiropractic Clinic will get to the root of your problem and help reduce your symptoms of arthritic pain, spinal injuries, and pain from stenosis and neuromuscular conditions. With 43 successful years of experience, leading chiropractor Dr. W. Earl Barbour has helped many people find freedom from reoccurring pain by using proven homeopathic and natural solutions. Unlike chronic back pain treatments you may find through your general practitioner, Dr. Barbour and his team only use safe, non-invasive methods that focus on putting your body back into healthy alignment. 

In addition to treating chronic pain, Westchester Chiropractic Clinic also excels in injury recuperation. Do you have an old sports injury that still flares up? The clinic will provide relief and help you prevent further damage. By teaching safer techniques for lifting heavy objects, maintaining good posture throughout your day, eating healthier, and improving your sleeping habits, Westchester Chiropractic Clinic will guide you to a more enjoyable, pain-free life.

Instead of prescribing unnecessary medication and adding additional strain to an already over-taxed system, Dr. Barbour looks at the underlying conditions in your body that cause pain. By offering nutritional consultation and personalized exercise routines tailored to your body, Westchester Chiropractic Clinic empowers patients to contribute to their own recovery by eating and living healthier. 

For neck pain relief, lower back pain treatment, injury recovery and chronic pain therapy, visit Westchester Chiropractic Clinic in High Point, North Carolina. To schedule your first appointment, call (366) 855-5195. For more information on their services and specials, visit their website.

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