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Don't just get strong . . . get circus strong!

New Jersey Circus Center

165 Amboy Road, Suite 701
Morganville, NJ 07751
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The New Jersey Circus Center provides Morganville, NJ with the unique opportunity to learn all about the circus arts. Whether you’re looking for aerial classes or you’re just interested in fun fitness training, the New Jersey Circus Center has the perfect courses for you.

Offering a wide range of programs, from kids' classes and adult curriculum to special workshops and birthday presentations, the New Jersey Circus Center has something for everybody. 

Here's a sample of the services New Jersey Circus Center will provide for your family:

  • Kids Classes: For young children and teenagers alike, the New Jersey Circus Center provides an exciting yet challenging environment for kids to learn trapeze, tightwire and tumbling. Taught by highly-trained instructors, teens can enjoy aerial classes and ground skill lessons.

  • Homeschool Circus: Focused on ground and aerial circus skills, New Jersey Circus Center offers homeschooled kids with a special opportunity to socialize, learn team building skills and exercise.
  • Workshops: As specialists in experiential education, New Jersey Circus Center presents numerous workshops to surrounding schools, businesses and organizations in order to teach the importance of setting goals, learning leadership skills and maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Birthday parties: Throw your kids a party they’ll never forget! All you have to do is set the date, order a cake and bring the food – New Jersey Circus Center will provide everything else, including a short lesson in circus skills.
  • Adult Curriculum: Don’t just get strong – get circus strong! Fitness training programs at New Jersey Circus Center give your body the ultimate challenge by testing your strength, flexibility and balance. Hang around and get into tip-top shape with these expert coaches.

Whether you want to book a team building workshop for your business, enroll your kids in a challenging course or take a contortion class for yourself, contact New Jersey Circus Center by calling (732) 705-3244. You can also check out their website for more information.

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