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Automatic Doorz installs and repairs overhead garage doors and garage door openers throughout the state of Maryland, including Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George and Montgomery counties. Since 2000, they've provided superior service for commercial and residential customers, offering great garage door prices, quality products and skilled workmanship.

Automatic Doorz is an authorized contractor for Sears and Lowes, and a certified dealer of Clopay and Amarr doors. They are able to service doors from any manufacturer on the market, including garage door spring repair, so whether you've been struggling with an improperly supported door, broken gear, or rotting wood, just call your friendly garage door company. They'll repair your existing door, or perform a complete garage door replacement from one of the top names in overhead doors.

Before adding any new crew members, Automatic Doorz conducts an extensive background check and requires that all new hires have a minimum of five years' experience with garage door service. When you work with Automatic Doorz, you can rest assured only a trustworthy professional will be entering your home. In addition, all service vehicles are equipped with GPS, so customers can count on timely and hassle-free arrivals from their garage door repair technicians.

For your free garage door estimate, call Automatic Doorz at (410) 540-9637, or use their Quick Quote form online and one of their specialists will be happy to get back to you.

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