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LOIGICA®, Immigration Attorneys, Services, Miami, Florida

Do you need an H1-B Visa? When beginning your journey in America, turn to LOIGICA® in Miami, FL. This trusted law office provides the legal support you need to navigate the first steps of immigrating your operations to the United States. These skilled immigration attorneys work tirelessly to help corporations of all sizes acquire H1B visas for their engineers, accountants and other specialized knowledge workers.


This multi-lingual, boutique law firm has Of Counsel offices in Colombia and Spain and offers a wide range of services. As talented immigration attorneys, they also work with high net worth individuals and their families seeking EB-5 Visas, which are for those able to make significant capital investments in businesses in the U.S. The initial status is a conditional permanent residence for two years, with a successful investment allowing the investor to live permanently in the U.S.


Employers can seek these immigration attorneys for help obtaining H-1B Visas. If you’re looking to petition an employee, their staff will be there to ensure all requirements are met, such as education level, special training, and proper licenses. The period of stay for this form of Visa is three years with a possible extension. You can also apply for L-1B, E-2, and 0-1A Visas.


In addition to immigration law, this office represents businesses when closing deals on real estate transactions and mergers. Take advantage of their advice before starting up new companies and nonprofits. They will create a custom plan of action that best fits the unique needs of your operation. Feel free to ask them about intellectual property protection, such as patents on utilities, designs, and plants.


Whether you’re an app developer or foreign investor, the dedicated team at LOIGICA will help make your business plans flourish in America. Call them today at (786) 292-9704 to schedule a consultation or visit them online for more information.